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Chiropractic care that’s so much more than just pain relief
At Ascent Sports & Wellness in Brookfield, we’re committed to not just relieving symptoms but to correcting their cause and optimizing your body to function better than it ever has before. Whether you’re a pro athlete or a weekend warrior looking for a Brookfield chiropractor, our unique, low-force approach to chiropractic care combined with the best of physical rehabilitation therapies allows us to get unmatched, long-term results.
Not all chiropractors are alike. Our evidence-based, scientific approach to treatment means re-educating the entire musculoskeletal system, correcting muscle imbalances and reshaping the spine back to its normal curvature, allowing you to improve your coordination, alleviate chronic pain and prevent future injuries. If you’re looking for a Brookfield chiropractor, discover the difference personalized, comprehensive care makes. Instead of just fixing your pain, let’s fix you.
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Dr. Grant Radermacher

We’ve experienced the high-volume chiropractors where you’re treated like a number, clinics where you get “cracked” or stretched and feel better for a few days without actually getting long-term results or stability. We’re different; there’s no one-size-fits-all treatment at our office. We specifically address what’s going on in your body to not only correct the cause of symptoms permanently but to stabilize and optimize your musculoskeletal system so you can perform at your best.

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Our Results Speak For Themselves

Hear What Our Patients Have To Say About Ascent Chiropractic
I've seen a lot of chiropractors in my life and a lot of GREAT chiropractors but Dr. Grant is an absolute stand out for sure!! I can't believe, not only the relief of a lifetime of pain in just a few sessions, but how well every adjustment holds. I am thrilled and grateful to have found Ascent Chiropractic. It is life changing for me.
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Jennifer Topolnicki
00:08 25 Oct 17
Dr. Grant has helped me so much. It took just one adjustment and I felt a world of difference. I have no more headaches and am free of pain in my neck. I used to carry a neck pillow around with me everywhere I went to help with the pain. Now I longer need it.
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Chris Sawicki
23:42 24 Oct 17
I’ve been going to a chiropractor for 30 years, due to a bad car accident and it’s always been the same doctor. I relocated to Brookfield and I needed to find a new chiropractor doctor and that’s when I came upon Dr. Grant. He's been amazing with his technique and it’s totally different from my previous chiropractor, but more effective. I would definitely recommend Ascent Chiropractic to anyone with back issues.
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Jose Vega Riveira
16:01 13 Feb 18
I can't say enough about the experience at Ascent Chiropractic!! They just can't seem to do wrong in my mind. I typically get a chiropractic adjustment (treatment) on a regular weekly basis and find that it not only alleviates any of my aches and pain but also any tightness that I exhibit from all the activities that I am actively engaged in! Dr. Grant is exceptionally talented in terms of taking care of the body and his expertise regarding chiropractic needs of all his patients. I highly appreciate and recommend his services to everyone who is looking for it. I only wish I knew about them sooner. But I guess it's never too late!! Can't wait for my next adjustment!
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katherine vargas
19:22 14 Feb 18
I don't know where to begin because I am so grateful for Dr. Grant and Ascent Chiropractic. 8 months ago I was unable to walk and couldn't get up without the world spinning. Just getting to the bathroom was impossible. I was referred by my neurologist to see Dr. Grant. After only 2 weeks of treatment my vertigo is completely gone. I am finally off medications and have my life back. Brilliant and kind doctor, I would recommend to anyone!
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Kimberly Williams
18:00 03 Mar 18
Excellent Staff! (even the receptionists are great!) Very flexible, Great bed side manner! Extremely knowledge, He really knows his stuff. Best chiropractor I have ever had! I Highly Recommend!
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Ask Me
16:55 15 Aug 18
Dr. Grant's techniques to fix you will fix you! I had my 1st visit & my current issues are already better. Very professional, kind, courteous highly recommend.
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Patty Smart
16:03 29 Aug 18
Dr. Grant is the most personable doctor I have ever had. He puts you at ease, laughs at your jokes, remembers details and is so very nice. He is the best chiropractor I have ever had. He knows his stuff and is excellent in being able to tell what kind of adjustment to do for what you are experiencing. He can fix you if there is something terribly wrong, but it's also great to go in regularly to keep in alignment. On one of my first visits another patient told me that before she started seeing Dr. Grant that she could barely move her head, and now she was perfectly normal. He truly is the best around!
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Enoc Aleman
02:34 27 Feb 18
Dr. Grant is absolutely one of a kind! I have suffered chronic back pain for going on 11 years and he has made the BIGGEST difference in my spine health. I have seen other chiropractors in the past and he is by far the most thorough. I like the tell my friends that he will adjust everything from your big toe to your thumb... THAT'S how thorough he is! In addition to being thorough Dr. Grant is extremely safe. If your body is not ready for an adjustment he will not force and he asked before making any adjustment. This made me feel respected as a patient and trusting in his practice. Dr. Grant took every concern I had about my body into consideration and helped me live a way more mobile, enjoyable life.
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Miguel Gutierrez
19:44 14 Feb 18
Dr. Grant changed my life! I lived with back/neck pain for 15 years and saw countless physical therapists, neurologists, and pain management specialists all of whom could not really help me. In my first month after seeing Dr. Grant, I began feeling like a new person. I now live most of my days completely pain free! Not only is Dr. Grant an amazing chiropractor, he is also a wonderful person who takes quality time to really listen to and personally care for each of his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Grant and Ascent Sports & Wellness!
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Gina Martino
02:45 20 Apr 18
Truly a family business. Dr. Grant cares about his patients and strives to achieve wellness and optimal health for every patient he sees. Very professional service and timely appointments. I would highly recommend Ascent chiropractic!
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Julie Lavoie
14:49 15 Oct 18
I’ve been seeing Dr Grant since 2011. He’s simply the best!
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Adam Barr
01:01 14 Oct 18
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