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Brookfield Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Chiropractor

When Brookfield patients make their first appointment at our office, it’s usually because they’re dealing with some sort of pain or dysfunction, whether it’s back pain, wrist pain or hand pain.

They usually expect us to focus treatment directly at the area they’re feeling the pain, but they’re often surprised to find that other regions need to addressed as well. For example, the leg pain experienced with sciatica is often caused by misalignments in the low back and pelvis. Likewise, tension headaches are usually caused by nerve or blood vessel irritation in the upper neck.

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Similarly, the patients seeking treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome we see at Ascent Chiropractic are usually experiencing a disorder with multiple causes: misalignment of the joints in the wrist causing compression of the medial nerve in combination with impingement of nerves in the neck or shoulder. This condition is termed Double Crush Syndrome, a diagnosis often used interchangeably with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is named after the eight carpal bones in the wrist that form a narrow “tunnel” that allows the median nerve to supply the hand with innervation. This tunnel can be compromised by an acute or chronic injury to the wrist that affects the positioning of the carpals and causes compression on the median nerve.

In most instances of clinical carpal tunnel syndrome, however, a secondary compression of these nerves due to alignment issues in the neck or shoulder turns a minor irritation into the numbness, swelling, loss of hand strength and shooting pain that Brookfield carpal tunnel syndrome patients experience.

Brookfield Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

At Ascent Chiropractic, Brookfield chiropractor Dr. Grant Radermacher makes it his mission to locate and correct the source of the nerve impingement wherever it’s present. We correct the cause of the problem with specific chiropractic adjustments, exercises and behavior modifications, resolving the nerve compression and eliminating the source of the problem permanently instead of simply covering up the symptoms.

Avoid becoming one of the nearly 500,000 surgical carpal tunnel syndrome treatments performed each year in the US, utilize chiropractic as your first line of defense!

Gentle, low-force chiropractic care at Ascent Chiropractic offers Brookfield carpal tunnel syndrome patients an effective and drugless means of preventing, decreasing, and in many cases eliminating the cause of their pain.

If you’re in the Milwaukee, Brookfield, Wauwatosa or New Berlin areas and suffering with carpal tunnel pain, we’d love to help. To make an appointment at Ascent Chiropractic, call 262-345-4166 or schedule an appointment with our online scheduling app.


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