Low force, soft tissue-focused spine & extremity musculoskeletal care.

Soft Tissue & Myofascial Therapy, Graston®, & Kinesio Taping.

Comprehensive evaluation includes digital x-ray imaging. Don't guess, test!

Advanced care doesn't have to be expensive. We accept most plans.

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At Ascent Chiropractic in Brookfield WI, we’re committed to getting you out of pain and optimizing your body to function better than it ever has before. Whether you’re suffering from low back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, auto accidents, sports injuries, or are just in need of preventative care, we utilize the most up-to-date techniques to provide game-changing chiropractic & soft tissue treatment to patients in Brookfield, WI.

Our evidence-based, individualized approach to chiropractic care combined with the most advanced physical rehabilitation and myofascial therapies allows us to get unmatched, permanent results where other chiropractors can’t. We believe your Brookfield chiropractor should address specifically what’s going on with your body, rather than expecting patients to adapt to a one-size-fits-all approach to care.

Advanced Neck & Back Pain Treatment

We’ve helped thousands of patients who had gone from chiropractor to chiropractor without ever finding solutions to their pain before finding the difference personalized, comprehensive musculoskeletal care at Brookfield chiropractor Ascent Chiropractic makes. From the professional athlete to the daily grinder, we’re here for you.

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What patients say about Ascent Chiropractic

To be quite honest, I dislike most chiropractors, but I LOVE Ascent Chiropractic. I haven't felt this fantastic in years and my lower back pain is completely gone. There are no high-pressure sales techniques, ""memberships,"" or lengthy treatment programs. It's refreshing to find a doc that's going to work with me as a team. What you get at Ascent Chiropractic is a night and day difference from what you get at a location like The Joint. Staff is fantastic and helpful as well!
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16:29 17 Jul 22
This was my first chiropractic experience!! Never even cracked my neck on my own.I need late appointments and they always accommodate. Everyone working there is super friendly and welcoming. You can easily tell each doctor not only specializes in their field but wants to work on improving your issue or pain. Would highly recommend them.
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Isaac ciements
11:00 13 Jul 22
The facility is super clean and spacious. Patients have their own room, and the physical therapy section was fully equipped. The modern equipment helps practitioners work efficiently and effectively. Staff was very attentive to my needs. Dr. Grant was able to evaluate and diagnose me accurately and proceeded to make the necessary adjustments and focused on both hard and soft tissues of my back. I had so much tension coming in, and I felt so relieved leaving. Highly recommend Ascent Chiropractic to everyone who needs help.
Brookfield Chiropractor - Home
Reece Morrison
01:47 10 Jul 22
The staff is very friendly and professional: everyone! All my interactions are positive and they have a super customer service centric approach resulting in positive experiences. The waiting time is short and this practice is very clean and has an up to date interior and equipment.Doctor Grant he is very nice and empathetic, explains every step, is very thorough and knowledgeable. He has put together together a solid treatment plan!
Brookfield Chiropractor - Home
Erick Olie
22:22 09 Jul 22
Dr Grant is amazing. My back has never felt better. Highly recommended. Staff are always friendly and helpful.
Brookfield Chiropractor - Home
Neil Tolson
14:26 15 Jun 22
Wonderful experience! Time was taken to give me personalized care. I will definitely be back!
Brookfield Chiropractor - Home
Stacy Metzger
23:45 22 Apr 22
Dr. Grant and his staff is AMAZING!!! Thank God someone referred him to us. After being rear ended he has worked wonders on myself and my son. And after a few visits with us, now my husband is going to see him! We have multiple chiropractors in our area but travel over 30 minutes to see Dr. Grant. We recommend him to everyone!!
Brookfield Chiropractor - Home
Anna Ramirez
23:27 15 Apr 22
Dr. Grant is incredible, and he's helped me more than every other chiropractor, physical therapist and primary care doctor that I've been to! Before my first appointment I was in extreme upper back and neck pain and could barely move, but the relief I felt after my first visit was amazing!Of all the docs I've been to, Dr. Grant is the one that clearly cares about my health and well-being; there wasn't the sense of trying to get me in there as much as possible like the other chiropractors I've seen. It's clear he's got his patients' best interests at heart.Staff is flexible and super helpful with scheduling. 100% trust & recommend Ascent Chiropractic!
Brookfield Chiropractor - Home
Joe Pierro
23:17 01 Apr 22
Today was my first chiropractor appointment ever, and would 100% hands-down recommend Ascent Chiropractic. Thank you to the front desk staff who were able to squeeze me in to their packed schedule. Dr. Grant is amazing at what he does and you can tell he really cares about his patients (there's a good reason they're so busy). I’ll be coming back and sending friends and family here!
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Vick Fanzio
23:22 22 Mar 22
Dr. Grant is the best and I always feel better when I leave Ascent! Staff is super friendly and make it a phenomenal experience to be a patient here. I used to think that all chiropractors were the same – not true!! 10/10 if you're in pain, this place is where you want to be.
Brookfield Chiropractor - Home
Terry Schmitt
22:59 22 Mar 22
From the very first visit Dr. Grant has gone above and beyond. He's friendly, knows his stuff and explains what's actually going on so it's understandable.What he does gets results, too. My upper back and neck have literally never moved this well and been this pain-free, and it's only been a week!Combining chiropractic with physiotherapy techniques like he does just makes sense.If you're looking for a chiropractor in Brookfield, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Grant! I'll never trust anyone else with my spine!
Brookfield Chiropractor - Home
Bill Janzer
22:49 22 Mar 22
Dr. Grant is amazing! At my first appointment Dr. Grant told me he'd get rid of my back pain in 3 weeks. My lower back has been a problem for years, and the physical therapists and chiropractors I've seen haven't helped at all.So I was skeptical, but it's been three weeks and this is LITERALLY the best my back has ever felt!He's knowledgable, positive, and down to earth. My spine has never felt better! If any chiropractor deserves 5 stars, it's Ascent Chiropractic!
Brookfield Chiropractor - Home
Jonas Jones
20:22 12 Feb 22
Dr. Grant has been helping me and my family for many years. I am so thankful to him for helping me with my pain, so I can live my life and enjoy my family. I love his philosophy and have recommended him to many friends
Brookfield Chiropractor - Home
Swim mom
01:25 29 Jan 22
Best! Ascent Chiropractic Dr.Grant Radermacher is caring, listens and appreciates his patients. I especially like how he understands how the body structure and muscles work, and desires for me to feel my best. I highly recommend his service, his staff and one great fact is I am a migraine sufferer for years and haven't had one in a long time. Thank you for amazing services.
Brookfield Chiropractor - Home
Cynthia Albanese
01:13 29 Jan 22
Dr. Grant's techniques to fix you will fix you! I had my 1st visit & my current issues are already better.Very professional, kind, courteous highly recommend.Its been 3yrs since I've been going to Dr. Grant. I have issues with carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve compression and he has helped me so much with relieving the pain and numbness. Don't wait, give him a call, he can help you out!!!
Brookfield Chiropractor - Home
Patty Smart
16:57 27 Jan 22
Very thorough. Dr. Grant took time to answer my questions. He is convinced that he can help with my osteoarthritic symptoms. Very grateful for his caring nature and his work on my 'joints'...
Brookfield Chiropractor - Home
Brian Bawden
01:47 15 Jan 22
Dr Grant is the best. We have been going to him for 3 years. He helped to almost eliminate our Son’s migraines. When he does have one coming he gets an adjustment and it takes care of it.I am currently going to him for lower back pain and knee pain. He has helped improve my mobility.I would highly recommend him!!!!
Brookfield Chiropractor - Home
Michele Martin
04:48 13 Jan 22
Always a pleasure to see Dr Grant as he works his magic, and every appointment he does his utmost best to take care of the issues we come to see him for. The whole office is very professional and friendly and I highly recommend him to everyone.
Brookfield Chiropractor - Home
Beth S
01:36 13 Jan 22
I've been suffering from foot pain on and off for years, soooooo happy that I finally listened to my wife and made an appointment! The myofascial work hurt like hell but it literally only took 3 visits and my plantar fasciitis/foot pain is totally gone. Dr. Grant knows his stuff – highly recommended!
Brookfield Chiropractor - Home
Brett Festerling
21:11 18 Dec 21
Tore the labrum in my shoulder from playing football, after physical therapy was a failure the orthopod I saw referred me to Dr. Grant (he said he's the only chiropractor he'll even consider referring patients to). Said if seeing him didn't fix it he'd go in and surgically repair it. Two months worth of manipulating, doing myofascial work and active rehab and keeping it taped up – I'm totally pain free and have probably 80% of motion back (and confident I'll get the other 20% with a few more weeks of work). If you've got an injury that's not going away, give Ascent a call, I trust in what Dr. Grant does 100%.
Brookfield Chiropractor - Home
Bobby Ulbrecht
04:06 26 Nov 21
I've always been skeptical of chiropractors, but I just finished my initial visit and I'm BLOWN AWAY by how much better my back feels walking out of Ascent Chiropractic. This is the most relaxed and pain-free my lower back's felt in years. It's like Dr. Grant knew EXACTLY what muscles needed to be worked on and what needed to be adjusted without me even telling him. I see a lot of doctors for different reasons, and he's the only one I'm actually looking forward to seeing again. Seriously, don't waste your time trying anywhere else, what they do here WORKS!
Brookfield Chiropractor - Home
Jon McCaffrey
00:14 25 Nov 21
Today I received my first ever back adjustment at Ascent. I was extremely nervous as this was my first ever chiropractor visit, however Dr. Grant made me feel comfortable and knew exactly what was causing my pain and how to fix it. The adjustment was exactly what I needed.
Brookfield Chiropractor - Home
Dana Moyano
03:31 11 Nov 21
I have visited many chiropractors in the past years and none were able to help with my lower back pain. My daughter recommended I try Dr. Grant at Ascent and oh my gosh I am soooo glad I did, he is AMAZING! I HIGHLY recommend as he really knows his stuff and has helped me greatly. He takes the time to listen and spends the time needed to make things feel better and not just do a 2 minute adjustment like the ones in the past. The staff there is also so kind and helpful. Do yourself a favor and look no further, Ascent is the best around in my opinion!
Brookfield Chiropractor - Home
Tammy Albrecht
14:34 20 Oct 21
Dr. Radermacher is outstanding! I struggled with lower back pain for several years and saw a few different chiropractors that could never quite make the pain stop. I was referred to Ascent Sports & Wellness Chiropractic and it was the best decision I ever made. I am a functional human again thanks to him! Dr. Radermacher is an extraordinarily skilled chiropractor who really takes his time to locate problem areas and adjust accordingly. He has magic hands!! I recommend him to everyone who has back pain or those afraid of chiropractors. Check Ascent out. You will be so glad you did!!
Brookfield Chiropractor - Home
Katelyn Bonlender
23:10 17 Jul 21
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What makes us different from other Brookfield chiropractors?

We do chiropractic & rehab therapy differently.

We’ve experienced the high-volume chiropractors where you’re treated like a number. We’re a different kind of Brookfield chiropractor; there’s no one-size-fits-all treatment at our office. We specifically address what’s going on in your body to not only correct the cause of symptoms permanently but to stabilize and optimize your musculoskeletal system through active rehab therapies so you can perform at your best.


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