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Comprehensive evaluations plus digital x-ray imaging. Don't guess, test!

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Let us help you get back to being you – only better.

At Ascent Chiropractic in Brookfield we’re 100% committed to getting you pain free and helping you achieve optimal health. Whether you’re suffering from low back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, chronic pain conditions, auto accidents, sports injuries, or are just in need of preventative care, our chiropractic team’s game-changing approach makes us the leader in Brookfield chiropractic care & soft tissue treatment.

Our evidence-based, individualized approach to chiropractic care combined with the most advanced physical rehabilitation and myofascial therapies allows us to get unmatched pain relief where other chiropractors can’t. We believe your Brookfield chiropractor should address specifically what’s going on with your body, rather than expecting patients to adapt to a one-size-fits-all approach to chiropractic care.

Whether you’ve seen a chiropractor in Brookfield in the past or are seeking a local chiropractor near you for the first time, with our cutting-edge treatment plans and patient-focused approach, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

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What patients say about Ascent Chiropractic

I've really appreciated what Dr. Grant and his staff have done for me. Setting up an appointment and communicating with the front desk were both simple and straightforward. Dr. G made me feel at ease when we discussed my treatment. I'd never seen a chiropractor before, but I'm really glad I did. He was able to diagnose what was wrong with me and get me feeling 100% better after just 6 sessions. If you need a great Brookfield chiropractor I strongly advise you see Dr. Grant, you won't regret it!
Leo Tolstoy
Leo Tolstoy
20:07 18 Feb 23
I've been meaning to write a review because everyone here is so nice and helpful, but now that I've gone a full week without excruciating back pain, I figured it was time. For many, a week without pain may not seem like much, but the longest I had gone without agonizing pain before seeing Dr. Grant was at most a day. I have a chronic lower back disk problem and some arthritic changes. This has been bothering me for YEARS. I saw two neurosurgeons, one of whom recommended surgery. That was not the path I intended to take. I'm not lying when I say I've tried everything. Nothing seemed to help, from physical therapy to injections to medical massage to acupuncture to pain management that included facet joint injections. I discovered Ascent Chiropractic after hearing nothing but positive things about them. They begin with x-rays, then figure out a plan tailored to your specific needs. I realize I still have a long way to go, but I'm looking forward to many more pain-free days! I wholeheartedly recommend giving them a call; you will not be disappointed! They see a lot of patients but make you feel as if you're their only one!
WH Davies
WH Davies
12:15 18 Feb 23
My experience at Ascent Chiropractic has been fantastic, and I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone in need of chiropractic care! Dr. Grant created such a welcoming and positive environment, and after working with him for several weeks, I no longer have the pain and mobility issues that made exercise difficult. Outside of the office, they frequently checked in with me to monitor my progress, and it was a pleasure to work with a team that genuinely cares about their patients. Dr. Grant came up with a treatment plan specifically for my needs. If you're looking for a new chiropractor, look no further.
Solo Kourouma
Solo Kourouma
21:00 15 Feb 23
It was a relief to find Dr. Grant after years of chiropractor visits elsewhere and a struggle to find a doctor I liked. He's friendly, recommends preventative stretches, and I always leave feeling better (and a little taller!). He takes the time to get to know you and figure out what you need, whether it's a treatment plan or minor adjustments as needed. The front office staff are great and the Bluemound Road location means that it's super easy to visit on a lunch break. I cannot recommend Ascent Chiropractic highly enough.
Roodra Mallaya
Roodra Mallaya
20:48 15 Feb 23
Dr. Grant and his staff are outstanding! I first came to this practice nearly two years ago after suffering whiplash in a car accident. He's gotten me to where I'm better than I was before the accident. I have so much faith in him that I have asked my partner to accompany me to maintenance adjustments each month. Everyone is extremely friendly, and the services are reasonably priced. You feel revitalized and ready to live your best life after the adjustment! I 100% recommend Ascent Chiropractic!
Adam Hunt
Adam Hunt
10:27 31 Oct 22
Dr. Grant and his team run the best chiropractic practice! He and his staff are extremely friendly, welcoming, and accommodating when it comes to appointments and scheduling. Dr. Grant is thorough and explains everything so that you understand EXACTLY what is going on. The office is also exceptionally clean and comfortable. There are plenty of chiropractors closer to me, but I prefer to drive the extra distance to see Dr. Grant!
Roy Stone
Roy Stone
18:43 25 Oct 22
Make an appointment! I've been to a few over the years as I've moved around the country, and this office really knows what they're doing! The staff is extremely professional and friendly, and unlike most chiropractors in Milwaukee where you're treated like a number, Dr. Grant treats you like family. More importantly, my back has felt SO much better since beginning treatment two months ago, and I cannot recommend this chiropractic clinic highly enough!
Amanda Burke
Amanda Burke
14:56 17 Oct 22
Five stars only because ten is not an option! Dr. Grant is without a doubt the best chiropractor you'll ever find. I had constant headaches and was in pain no matter what I did, even just sleeping. I went to another Brookfield chiropractor three times a week for months and was STILL feeling horrible, then I got adjusted at Ascent Chiropractic just a few times and now I'm feeling fantastic. He and his staff go out of their way to ensure that I am doing and feeling my best! Coming here is well worth the 40 minute drive for me. If you're looking for a skilled, super-friendly, genuine chiropractor who will actually get you out of pain, I 100% recommend Dr. Grant. Thanks doc!
Liam Bird
Liam Bird
12:27 20 Sep 22
Dr. Grant has done more for me in just three visits than my last chiropractor did in months of treatment. He'll clearly explain what's going on in your x-rays and develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Plus the whole staff here is super friendly and helpful. And the pricing is more than reasonable, even if you don't have insurance coverage (although I think they're in-network with pretty much every insurance company). I highly recommend Dr. Grant and Ascent Chiropractic!
Rene Bautista
Rene Bautista
17:17 23 Aug 22
Having suffered with a painful sciatic nerve for a few months, I decided enough was enough and made an appointment with Ascent Chiropractic due to their excellent reputation. I wasn't let down. The office was clean and welcoming, Hanni at the front desk was friendly and reassuring, and Dr. Grant is really amazing at what he does. He not only relieved my pain, but he also got me on a workout program that's getting me back into shape without back pain. I highly recommend Ascent Chiropractic!
Louie Baker
Louie Baker
06:51 20 Aug 22
Dr. Grant and his staff is AMAZING!!! Thank God someone referred him to us. After being rear ended he has worked wonders on myself and my son. And after a few visits with us, now my husband is going to see him! We have multiple chiropractors in our area but travel over 30 minutes to see Dr. Grant. We recommend him to everyone!!
Anna Ramirez
Anna Ramirez
23:27 15 Apr 22
Dr. Grant is incredible, and he's helped me more than every other chiropractor, physical therapist and primary care doctor that I've been to! Before my first appointment I was in extreme upper back and neck pain and could barely move, but the relief I felt after my first visit was amazing!Of all the docs I've been to, Dr. Grant is the one that clearly cares about my health and well-being; there wasn't the sense of trying to get me in there as much as possible like the other chiropractors I've seen. It's clear he's got his patients' best interests at heart.Staff is flexible and super helpful with scheduling. 100% trust & recommend Ascent Chiropractic!
Joe Pierro
Joe Pierro
23:17 01 Apr 22
Today was my first chiropractor appointment ever, and would 100% hands-down recommend Ascent Chiropractic. Thank you to the front desk staff who were able to squeeze me in to their packed schedule. Dr. Grant is amazing at what he does and you can tell he really cares about his patients (there's a good reason they're so busy). I’ll be coming back and sending friends and family here!
Vick Fanzio
Vick Fanzio
23:22 22 Mar 22
Dr. Grant is the best and I always feel better when I leave Ascent! Staff is super friendly and make it a phenomenal experience to be a patient here. I used to think that all chiropractors were the same – not true!! 10/10 if you're in pain, this place is where you want to be.
Terry Schmitt
Terry Schmitt
22:59 22 Mar 22
From the very first visit Dr. Grant has gone above and beyond. He's friendly, knows his stuff and explains what's actually going on so it's understandable.What he does gets results, too. My upper back and neck have literally never moved this well and been this pain-free, and it's only been a week!Combining chiropractic with physiotherapy techniques like he does just makes sense.If you're looking for a chiropractor in Brookfield, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Grant! I'll never trust anyone else with my spine!
Bill Janzer
Bill Janzer
22:49 22 Mar 22
Dr. Grant is amazing! At my first appointment Dr. Grant told me he'd get rid of my back pain in 3 weeks. My lower back has been a problem for years, and the physical therapists and chiropractors I've seen haven't helped at all.So I was skeptical, but it's been three weeks and this is LITERALLY the best my back has ever felt!He's knowledgable, positive, and down to earth. My spine has never felt better! If any chiropractor deserves 5 stars, it's Ascent Chiropractic!
Jonas Jones
Jonas Jones
20:22 12 Feb 22
I've always been skeptical of chiropractors, but I just finished my initial visit and I'm BLOWN AWAY by how much better my back feels walking out of Ascent Chiropractic. This is the most relaxed and pain-free my lower back's felt in years. It's like Dr. Grant knew EXACTLY what muscles needed to be worked on and what needed to be adjusted without me even telling him. I see a lot of doctors for different reasons, and he's the only one I'm actually looking forward to seeing again. Seriously, don't waste your time trying anywhere else, what they do here WORKS!
Jon McCaffrey
Jon McCaffrey
00:14 25 Nov 21
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What makes us different from other Brookfield chiropractors?

Our chiropractic team does chiropractic care & physical therapy differently.

We’ve experienced the high-volume chiropractors where you’re treated like a number, where you’re seen for 5 minutes and out the door. At Ascent Chiropractic Brookfield, we’re a different kind of chiropractor.

There’s no one-size-fits-all treatment at our office. We specifically address what’s going on in your body for permanent pain relief but to stabilize and optimize your musculoskeletal system through active rehab therapies so you can perform at your best.


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Brookfield WI Chiropractor Dr. Grant Radermacher

Your Brookfield Chiropractor

Dr. Grant Radermacher

At Ascent Chiropractic in Brookfield, Dr. Grant Radermacher specializes in the treatment of joint and soft tissue pain with innovative, science-based, non-surgical approaches to functional medicine. With many years of chiropractic training and myofascial therapy experience under his belt, Brookfield chiropractor Dr. Grant Radermacher has treated thousands of patients with conditions ranging from low back pain to scoliosis, sciatica, neck pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

His extensive training and experience in chiropractic and physical therapy along with sports medicine, clinical rehabilitation, extremity adjusting, posture correction, nutrition, and the care of pregnant patients give him a unique approach to chiropractic care for his Brookfield WI patients. He knows each spine is unique and specializes in addressing specific care to the patient to provide the most effective results.

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Home – Brookfield Chiropractor
Home – Brookfield Chiropractor
Home – Brookfield Chiropractor
Home – Brookfield Chiropractor
Home – Brookfield Chiropractor

How can chiropractic care at Ascent Chiropractic help me?

Chiropractic care at Ascent Chiropractic can help you in a variety of ways. Our holistic approach to healthcare focuses on treating the underlying causes of your pain or discomfort, rather than simply masking the symptoms. Chiropractic care can help to restore proper alignment and function to your spine and nervous system, which can improve your overall health and wellness. Some of the benefits of chiropractic care may include:

  • Reduced pain and discomfort
  • Improved range of motion and flexibility
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Better sleep quality
  • Improved immune function
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Reduced stress and anxiety

Our team will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs and goals. We use a variety of techniques and modalities to ensure that you receive the highest quality care, including chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy, Graston therapy (IASTM), dry needling, kinesio taping and more. If you’re looking for a natural, drug-free approach to healthcare that can help you achieve optimal health and wellness, you’ve come to the right place.

Can a chiropractor help with my health issues?

At Ascent Chiropractic, we offer gentle chiropractic options and the most advanced soft tissue rehab procedures to alleviate a variety of pains, including back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, wrist and elbow pain, foot pain, knee pain, and spinal stenosis.

Many patients come to us simply seeking relief from the daily stress and tension that takes a toll on their bodies.

Our goal is to help our patients achieve optimal physical health and wellness by addressing the root causes of their problems. So, whether you’re suffering from back pain, headaches, or any other kind of injury, our Brookfield, WI chiropractic clinic can help you find relief and restore balance to your body.

What's causing my pain?

Accurately identifying the cause of back or neck pain requires a thorough consultation, examination and imaging studies if necessary. We believe that our patients at Ascent Chiropractic deserve the best possible care, which is why we take into account all possible causes of their condition and create personalized treatment plans for each patient.

At Ascent Chiropractic, we’re highly trained in diagnosing and treating soft tissue injuries and abnormalities common to the spine, extremities, and the rest of the body. If you are suffering from back or neck problems, extremity problems, or other health-related ailments, we’ll help you find the relief you need. However, if your condition is out of the chiropractic scope or would be more appropriately managed by another healthcare professional, we’ll refer you to the right specialist.

How long will it take?

We understand that every patient is unique, and we tailor our treatment plans to meet the specific needs of each individual. The duration of your treatment plan will depend on a variety of factors, including the nature and severity of your condition, your overall health and wellness goals, and your response to treatment.

The only sure way to determine how long your treatment will take is to schedule a consultation and examination.

During your initial consultation, we’ll conduct a comprehensive evaluation and develop a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs. We’ll also provide you with a clear and transparent timeline for your treatment plan, including the expected duration of each phase of treatment. Our goal is to help you achieve optimal health and wellness as efficiently and effectively as possible, while ensuring that you receive the highest quality care.

How much will it cost?

At Ascent Chiropractic, we understand that cost is an important consideration when seeking healthcare services. We strive to provide our patients with the highest quality care at an affordable price. The cost of treatment will vary depending on a variety of factors, including the type and duration of treatment needed.

We work with most insurance providers and offer flexible payment options to help make our services accessible to everyone. To check your specific plan’s chiropractic coverage, click here.

During your initial consultation, we’ll provide you with a clear and transparent breakdown of the costs associated with your treatment plan. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the care you need without any surprises or hidden fees.

If you have any questions or concerns about the cost of treatment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We’re here to help you achieve your health and wellness goals in a way that works for you.

Once I start chiropractic care do I have to keep coming back?

You may have heard that visiting a chiropractor once means you need to keep going back, but first, let’s consider this: How many times have you been to a dentist? Most people see their dentist every 6 months to ensure their teeth don’t decay.

Similarly, once we’ve addressed your pain and rehabilitated your injured tissues, we recommend periodic spinal checkups. Medical professionals agree that prevention is essential to reducing recurrences of existing health conditions and minimizing future injuries.

So, in short, yes, we encourage you to return for periodic chiropractic care. Doing so will reduce spinal and nerve stresses, prevent new injuries, lessen degenerative processes, and improve overall health and wellness.

Is chiropractic safe? Does it hurt?

Chiropractic care is a safe and effective treatment option for people of all ages. From infants to centenarians, our natural and noninvasive methods ensure your safety. Studies consistently demonstrate that chiropractic care is among the safest forms of treatment available, surpassing traditional medical care in terms of safety.

Most chiropractic treatments are painless. In fact, patients often experience immediate relief and look forward to their next appointment. While some discomfort may be present for those with moderate to severe pain, care is always gentle, safe, and noninvasive.

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Come in and step aboard the state-of-the-art Foot Levelers Kiosk at Ascent Chiropractic in Brookfield to see if custom-made orthotics might be right for you. In just a few seconds, the scanner will show you how well your feet are functioning.

Custom-made functional orthotics can help hold chiropractic adjustments better. Let our chiropractic team help you restore your balance.

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