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Tendons play a vital role in the movement of the human body. Every time a muscle contracts to move a joint, it’s the tendon that transfers the force necessary for this process to take place. When a tendon’s normal gliding motion is restricted for any reason, the most common result is pain and inflammation, a condition known as tendonitis.

It’s also common for those suffering from tendonitis to notice visible swelling, burning sensations, pain when pressure is applied to the area, and difficulty moving the affected joint.

The pain experienced by those with tendonitis can be caused by a number of factors, sports injuries and injuries of overuse being the most common. For example, repetitive motions lead to many tennis players experiencing tendonitis in their elbows and office workers developing tendonitis in the wrist. Tendons tend to lose elasticity with age, making those over 40 most vulnerable.

Because tendonitis can occur at virtually any joint in the body, health professionals differentiate the disorder based on its location. Tendonitis in the elbow is traditionally called “tennis elbow” or “golfer’s elbow”, tendonitis of the patella is termed “jumper’s knee”, and tendonitis of the achilles tendon is “achilles tendonitis”.

Relief From Inflammation & Pain At Ascent Chiropractic

Because tendonitis is a disease of inflammation, it makes sense for patients to utilize tendonitis treatment modalities aimed at reducing inflammation.

At Ascent Chiropractic, Brookfield chiropractor Dr. Grant Radermacher utilizes gentle manipulation to restore proper motion to the affected joints and reduce the inflammation and pain associated with tendonitis. This is a safe, hands-on, intuitive and drug-free approach to tendonitis treatment.

Chronic low-grade inflammation not only causes pain and reduced function and mobility but also carries serious long-term risks for the overall health of the body. By correcting the motion of misaligned joints, chiropractic care offers an effective method of decreasing the inflammation associated with tendonitis, leading to better health and less pain.

Be Proactive!

It is important to be proactive in the treatment of tendonitis, as delaying care can prolong the road to recovery. Low-force, conservative chiropractic care at Ascent Chiropractic offers Brookfield tendonitis patients an effective non-invasive means of preventing, decreasing, and in many cases eliminating the cause of their tendonitis pain.

If you’re in the Brookfield, Wauwatosa, Waukesha or New Berlin areas and suffering with tendonitis, we’d love to help. To make an appointment at Ascent Chiropractic, call 262-345-4166 or schedule an appointment with our online scheduling app.


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