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Chiropractic Treatment Brookfield Chiropractor
So Why Choose Ascent Chiropractic?

First of all, our unique, low-force approach to chiropractic care combined with the best of physical rehabilitation therapies allows us to get unmatched, long-term results with patients ranging from infants to seniors, from the weekend warrior to the pro athlete. There are studies upon studies backing up everything we do in our office. Our scientific approach achieves a more lasting improvement in the spine and posture.

We use a combination of Logan Basic, Flexion-Distraction, Activator and Diversified adjusting techniques to get results like no one else without the high-force adjusting techniques that make so many shy away from chiropractic care.

Second, we’ve experienced the high-volume chiropractic and physical therapy clinics where you’re treated like a number; clinics where you get “cracked” or stretched and feel better for a few days only to have to return once a week forever without actually getting long-term results or stability.

We’re different; there’s no one-size-fits-all treatment at our office. We specifically address what’s going on in your body to not only correct the cause of symptoms permanently but to stabilize and optimize your musculoskeletal system so you can get back to being you at your best. Sometimes that means traditional chiropractic care, sometimes that means exercise rehab, or it might mean Kinesiotaping, e-stim, ultrasound, cold laser, Active Release Therapy or any combination of the above. We’re ridiculously comprehensive in our evaluation so we can know exactly what course of treatment is going to be most effective for your correcting the cause of your problem (instead of just throwing medication at the problem to hide its effects).

The Ascent Sports & Wellness Chiropractic System

Our Proven, Evidence-Based 4-Stage Approach To Treatment

Stage 1

Chiropractic Treatment Brookfield Chiropractor

On the first visit, new patients will undergo a comprehensive physical exam & x-rays to determine the exact cause of their condition and most effective course of treatment to give the best results in the shortest amount of time. X-ray analysis enables us to confirm the extent of the problem and create an individualized program of care based on detailed, evidence-based measurements of the spine.

Stage 2

Pain Relief
Chiropractic Treatment Brookfield Chiropractor

Most patients are surprised at how quickly they begin feeling relief after starting treatment. But it’s important to remember that pain is usually the last thing to appear and the first symptom to disappear after starting treatment, even though the underlying condition remains. We will prescribe specific exercises and stretches to target muscle weaknesses and imbalances that will stabilize regions of instability.

Stage 3

Chiropractic Treatment Brookfield Chiropractor

Once your pain is gone, the objective is to correct the underlying cause of the problem. We focus on restoring normal movement and alignment to the spine, allowing the body to begin the healing process. Correcting these problems is a true rehabilitative process and it helps to understand that it takes time to make changes in the ligaments, tendons, as well as the musculoskeletal system.

Stage 4

Chiropractic Treatment Brookfield Chiropractor

Just like continuing an exercise program or eating well, the maintenance stage of treatment is the most important part of our process. Your nervous system and spine are now healthier than they have ever been before and your treatment will focus on keeping them that way. While we can’t always avoid further injuries, we can ensure early detection and resolution of new problems before they become serious.

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