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Brookfield Neck Pain Treatment

Acute neck pain is one of the top reasons for visits to healthcare providers in the US, prompting millions of patients to schedule appointments with their doctors every year. It can be a frustrating condition to deal with. In many cases neck pain and stiffness crop up without explanation, and treatment options can be confusing. Physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications are popular options, but research shows that chiropractic can be the safest and most effective form of relief for most types of neck pain.

Neck pain is an incredibly common condition that can easily interfere with daily life, so it’s no surprise that at Ascent Chiropractic we see patients every day seeking relief. The discomfort of neck pain can be caused by dysfunction of any of the multiple structures in the neck, including the muscles, nerves, cervical vertebra and disks. Though less common, neck pain can even be caused by problems in the shoulder, ribs or TMJ.

When the origin of neck pain is mechanical, such as misalignment of the vertebra in your neck, range of motion is usually affected. Those experiencing this kind of dysfunction describe this kind of pain as a stiff neck with general soreness and tenderness. If neck pain is due to nerve irritation, such as muscle spasm causing stretch on nerves or a disk bulge causing compression on a nerve root, it’s common to feel numbness and tingling or experience arm and hand weakness.

In most cases, prior to the onset of an acute neck pain episode there is a pre-existing weakness within the internal structure of the cervical spine. This weakness can leave your neck vulnerable to misalignment, triggering pain by lifting a heavy object, moving quickly or sitting or sleeping with a poor posture.

Another common cause of neck pain is whiplash caused by motor vehicle accidents. Whiplash injuries should be evaluated immediately to rule out disc bulges or herniations and minimize soft tissue damage.

The Ascent Chiropractic Advantage

Chiropractic adjustments can remove nerve interference and correct mechanical dysfunction that may be caused by misaligned vertebrae in the cervical spine. Gentle, precise chiropractic care at Ascent Chiropractic offers Brookfield neck pain patients a gentle and effective means of preventing, decreasing, and in many cases eliminating the cause of their symptoms.

If you’re in the Brookfield, Wauwatosa, Milwaukee or New Berlin areas and suffering with neck pain, we’d love to help. To make an appointment at Ascent Chiropractic, call 262-345-4166 or schedule an appointment with our online scheduling app.


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