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Brookfield Herniated Disc Chiropractor

Gentle, precise chiropractic and physical therapy treatment at Ascent Chiropractic offers Brookfield disc herniation patients a gentle and effective means of preventing, decreasing, and in many cases eliminating the cause of their symptoms.

Your spine is made of 24 individual vertebra separated by intervertebral discs which work as shock absorbers and shock distributors. Discs are composed of two layers: the annulus fibrosus (the tough outer layer) and the nucleus pulposus (which contains a soft, gelatin-like center).

When tears begin to form in the outer annulus fibrosus layer, the soft nucleus pulposus material can push out and cause compression on nearby nerve roots. Contrary to popular belief, intervertebral discs don’t actually “slip” even though the term “slipped disc” is often used to describe displaced, bulging or herniated discs.

What Causes Discs To Herniate?

Disk herniations most commonly result from gradual, age-related wear and tear known as disc degeneration. As discs age and degenerate, they lose some of their water content, making them less flexible and more likely to tear or rupture with even minor movements.

Disc herniations are often caused by a combination of causes that make it difficult to pinpoint their exact cause. Sometimes, using poor lifting technique to lift large, heavy objects can lead to a herniated disk, as can twisting and turning while lifting. Less commonly, trauma such as a fall or a impact injury to the back can cause a herniated disk.

Looking for Brookfield Disc Herniation Treatment?

Chiropractic care at Ascent Chiropractic is a minimally invasive, conservative approach to treatment that has been shown to have excellent results in decreasing the pain caused by disc herniations or bulges. At Ascent Chiropractic, we develop treatment plans customized to our patients’ conditions that often include spinal adjustments in conjunction with other treatment modalities to help ease herniated disc symptoms.

For individuals with major progressive weaknesses in the legs or arms and/or loss of bowel or bladder function due to a herniated disc, receiving medical treatment sooner rather than later can reduce long term nerve damage. Dr. Grant Radermacher is trained in evaluating such disc herniation cases and will refer you to the proper medical specialist if necessary.

Discover drug and surgery-free care for disc herniations at Ascent Chiropractic! If you’re in the Brookfield, Wauwatosa, Milwaukee or New Berlin areas and suffering with pain caused by a herniated or slipped disc, we’d love to help. To make an appointment at Ascent Chiropractic, call 262-345-4166 or schedule an appointment with our online scheduling app.


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