Low force, soft tissue-focused spine & extremity musculoskeletal care.

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Brookfield Chiropractor

Chiropractic & physical therapy in Brookfield, WI that's so much more than just pain relief

At Ascent Sports & Wellness in Brookfield, we’re committed to relieving your pain and optimizing your body to function better than it ever has before. Add to that our modern, professional atmosphere, friendly support staff and on-time service, and your search for a Brookfield chiropractor is over!

Our gentle, low-force approach to chiropractic care combined with the best of physical rehabilitation therapies allows us to get unmatched, permanent results for patients with low back pain, neck pain, headaches and more. We’re serious about our commitment to address specifically what’s going on with your body, rather than expecting patients to adapt to a one-size-fits-all approach to care.


We’ve helped thousands of patients who had gone from chiropractor to chiropractor without ever finding solutions to their pain before finding the difference personalized, comprehensive musculoskeletal care at Brookfield Chiropractor Ascent Chiropractic makes. Instead of just fixing your pain, let’s fix you.

What our patients say:

Dr. Grant has helped me so much. It took just one adjustment and I felt a world of difference. I have no more headaches and am free of pain in my neck. I used to carry a neck pillow around with me everywhere I went to help with the pain. Now I longer need it.
Chris Sawicki
23:42 24 Oct 17
Dr. Grant's techniques to fix you will fix you! I had my 1st visit & my current issues are already better. Very professional, kind, courteous highly recommend.
Patty Smart
16:03 29 Aug 18
Truly a family business. Dr. Grant cares about his patients and strives to achieve wellness and optimal health for every patient he sees. Very professional service and timely appointments. I would highly recommend Ascent chiropractic!
Julie Lavoie
14:49 15 Oct 18
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Grant’s for a few years now. Last two times was due to severe spine and neck pain. Pain was so strong that I could not sleep, work, and have a normal life. I only trust him. He is a great doctor. As of today, I am pain free. My life is back again!
Heather Martin
02:54 01 Feb 19
Dr. Grant and his staff are amazing making sure they can always fit you into their schedule, and most of all the adjustments are a very smooth relaxing. They are always friendly and give great advice when it comes to taking care of your health.
Mindy LaValle
18:30 09 Feb 19
Ascent Chiropractic is amazing! They were able to work with my busy schedule and fit me in. Everyone here is so kind and helpful. I am back to full range of motion after my accident. I would recommend this office and Dr. Grant to anyone!
Arline Patterson
08:11 10 Feb 19
Seriously the best chiro around!! Immediately I could tell that Dr. Grant knew what he was doing. He does an excellent job of explaining what he is doing + why he is doing it. I'm so happy with my experience here.
Joseph Alexander
02:59 13 Feb 19
When I first came into see Dr. Grant about a year ago I had severe sciatica, neck and back pain. What he does works - I now have very minimal pain in my neck and back, and I just go in for regular tune-ups now. My quality of life is very much improved!
Gerry Pihanna
02:53 16 Feb 19
Dr. Grants treatment has been amazing. When I started going to him I couldn't look up or to the left. Thanks to him I have full range of motion and zero pain. My Dr. Wanted to give me pain meds and do cervical fusion. Now I do not need either.
Carl Manns
00:16 19 Feb 19
Dr. Grant has helped me a lot, even on my first visit. He was relaxed and easy to talk to. He knows his stuff and he knew exactly what my body needed. He has invested in my care plan and he has a genuine interest in making my feel and function better. I recommend him HIGHLY!
Dennison Jeter
03:52 19 Feb 19
Just a great clinic! Dr. Grant and his staff are caring and compassionate and provide top rated care! He’s honestly the first health care provider I’ve had that really seems interested in correcting the problem instead of just covering up the pain, and what he does works! Thanks so much!
James Montgomery
02:48 28 Feb 19
Dr. Grant is the best chiropractor I have ever gone to! Because he has developed his own technique, a visit with him brings amazing results.
Nancy Molitor
13:00 07 Jun 19
Love Dr. Grant. Affordable pricing and easy to make appointments, sometimes even same-day. Highly recommend.
Nicole Thompson
05:36 17 Dec 19
I could go on and on about how welcoming Ascent Chiropractic is and I am so happy with the service I have received in just two visits. Starting at the front desk, the girls are so friendly and helped make starting my new patient process very seamless. Dr. Grant is an amazing chiropractor - I couldn’t be more happy to have found him. You can tell that he cares and truly wants to get you feeling better. He is thorough and hit every little spot I needed without me mentioning a thing. At this office you are not just a number, not just another patient on the list. You will feel well taken care of here!
Vincent Yeo
07:09 03 Feb 20
Ascent Chiropractic is your one stop shop for recovery. My back pain and sciatica got to the point where it prevented me from walking more than 30s at a time. Even sleep was pretty much impossible. Dr. Grant took great care to diagnose my back issues and spent the time needed every visit to get my mobility back. I was pain free by week 2 and back to running form by week 4. Truly an amazing chiropractor and one I'm incredibly grateful to have found.
Jason Carr
07:28 07 Feb 20
I absolutely love my chiropractor & the staff at Ascent. I've never met a nicer or more professional staff, or a chiropractor that I trust more, and I've been to quite a few chiropractors. Starting with my first visit to this office I felt welcomed and put at ease. The evaluation and treatment plan made me feel confident that he could help me with my back pain, and right now I'm totally back pain-free. I've NEVER gotten this much relief from the other Brookfield chiropractors I've been to. I can't say enough good things about such a wonderful group of people and caring environment that they have established.
Eddie Kaplan
05:51 09 Jan 20
Great experience, great chiropractor and a great team. I would not trust anyone else with my back & neck; what he does is more effective than everything else I've tried. I always look forward to my adjustment because everyone in the office is genuine, professional and friendly. If you’re looking for a really comprehensive chiropractor, then look no further. YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!!!
Mary Davies
05:07 06 Jan 20
This is the best experience with a chiropractor I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a few). Dr. Grant is super knowledgeable and educates me on my spine and his plan of action regularly. Chiropractors can be scary, but I fully trust my spine in the hands of Ascent Chiropractic. The customer service is IMPECCABLE! Every one in there recognizes me by name, they are so friendly and pleasant every time I walk in, and they make a genuine and personal connection with everyone including kids. Its beyond incredible and makes me enjoy showing up for my adjustments. Needless to say, this office has my full referral. I highly recommend it!
John McKnight
05:23 07 Jan 20
Dr. Grant and his staff are literally the reason I'm walking upright – he's the only chiropractor I'll ever go to again. I had a hard time committing to seeing a chiropractor as a necessary health practice, but the results speak for themselves. Will definitely refer my friends because he's an amazing chiropractor and he knows his stuff. Life changing experience since I started!
Paul Flanagan
11:00 02 Jan 20
Absolutely amazing. Between the extremely welcoming staff, clean facility, and exceptional care. Felt instant relief after just the first visit!
Abbie Orourke
21:16 06 May 20
Dr. Grant is an extremely knowledgeable individual when it comes to the inner workings of the body, muscles, and connection between them. His hybrid practice makes me much more comfortable than the handful of previous chiropractors I’ve had, and I leave physically feeling much better than I did before, which greatly benefits my life and well being. I appreciate everything Dr. Grant and his team provide, and recommend Ascent to anyone who needs professional Chiropractic work.
Graham Dennis
22:20 23 May 20
I just wanted to put out a huge thank you to Dr. Grant at Ascent. I had been suffering for YEARS from an SI joint issue. I have been through PT with no change. For the past 3 to 4 months it got to the point where I even couldn't stand up straight from a sitting position! I went to Ascent Chiropractic last week. Dr. Grant was recommended from a fellow nurse that needed help with headaches. I was DESPERATE when I walked in. His treatment the first visit changed my life. I went home with ZERO pain. All day, no pain. Life changing. So much so as I type this I could cry. I played on the floor with my children. I pulled weeds. I did laundry with out any pain. I can't tell enough people how much this means to me. Just thank you so much for what you do. You're changing lives and giving people back their life!
James Scott
11:07 28 May 20
I've been going to Ascent Chiropractic in Brookfield for the last few months. This place is the best! Great service, the doctors are super friendly and are helping me a lot with the shoulder pain and neck pain I had been dealing with for years. Plus, they're very flexible – especially when it's an emergency session!
Karl Spaulding
10:40 29 May 20
Does your body hurt? Do you want it to not hurt? Go see Dr. Grant + staff in Brookfield — they're incredible. This is the place to be if you're in the market for chiropractic, ART, or muscle/fascia/spinal issues.
Nathan Piper
07:58 30 May 20
I can’t recommend Ascent Chiropractic enough! I run and go to the gym regularly, but also cursed with sitting all day in an office. I developed bad lower back pain lasting for several months, which was preventing me from doing the activities I enjoy. After a series of regular treatments with Dr. Grant, I can happily say that my back pain is completely gone - something I NEVER thought would have been possible just a few months ago.In addition to the regular adjustments, Dr. Grant developed a stretching and strengthening program I did (and still do) as “homework” between appointments. This routine not only helped my pain, but also improved my posture and increased my flexibility. He really takes the time to get to know you and tailor treatment to fit your needs. I feel like a whole new person now.The rest of the staff is great too - very attentive and friendly, and appointments are always on time. I highly recommend!
Thomas Snyder
07:45 01 Jun 20
I've been seeing Dr. Grant for almost 4 months now, and I can't believe how much progress I've made! I came to see Dr. Grant after moving to Brookfield and almost not being able to walk/ workout due to such bad knee pain. Not only does my knee NOT hurt anymore, but I've been able to build strength back and continue to progress in my workouts. He always suggests new things for me to try. The staff is friendly and great. I would highly recommend coming here for ANY aches/ pains!
Jennifer Garcia
07:19 02 Jun 20

Why We’re Different

We're about more than just back and neck pain.

We’ve experienced the high-volume chiropractors where you’re treated like a number. We’re a different kind of Brookfield chiropractor; there’s no one-size-fits-all treatment at our office. We specifically address what’s going on in your body to not only correct the cause of symptoms permanently but to stabilize and optimize your musculoskeletal system through physical therapy so you can perform at your best.


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